I’m a homemaker in my 30s reflecting on my 20s and wondering about my 40s. I haven’t always been a homemaker and I am about to become a mom. Life is unexpected and perplexing but mostly I feel blessed to go through every experience with my hubby Charlie, our Welsh Corgi Polly and a glass of Calpico on a hot day.

The name “JenJapan” goes back to my 20s when I studied and worked in Japan where I had some of my most “fish in the water” moments.

I’m new to blogging so you might not see much here. Let’s just say that I’d rather be living life than blogging about it but blogging helps me remember how I once lived and aspire to live.

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    1. Jo,

      I don’t know which retailer carries takagi tubs because we bought from them directly (info about shipping charges on my post). You can contact them to see if they can point you to the nearest retailer, the contact info is in the same post. Good luck!

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