Off on a new family adventure

Yang boys walking

God willing, if all goes well, tomorrow at this time we will be on our way to our first (and only) family vacation this year.

Ordinarily, Charlie and I like to explore new places and experiences while on vacation. In the past, this meant visiting museums, outdoor markets, and hunting down exciting culinary treats.

On this trip, we won’t be doing any of the usual activities. Instead, we’re going to stay in one location, eat in the same 3 restaurants*, and have nothing on the agenda except to relax.

I’ve never been very good at just relaxing and doing “nothing” so it’s something I am learning to do. This past year, both Charlie and I realized that we don’t do enough unwinding during our downtime. Sometimes our weekends are so exhausting that we use the weekdays to relax and recharge.

With baby #2 coming in January [yes, that’s my excuse this time for not updating this blog since May], we will be entering a new stage of parenthood. In preparation, we’re reading “Wild Things, the Art of Nurturing Boys” [yup, Noah is getting a buddy to play with]…you can see where we think we are headed.

So before more tornado/hurricane/earthquake [insert natural “disaster” here] happens, we’re stepping off to do a little “nothing.”

We have some books and the netbook is loaded with TED talks but mostly we will be just sleeping, eating, and hopefully enjoying a lot of “unplugged” family time.

Wish us luck…hopefully we’ll be back refreshed, with lots of stories and photos to share.

*We’re going to an all-inclusive resort so although there are technically 3 restaurants, it’s the same staff running the kitchens.


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