Medical cost of pregnancy and labor

Since it’s Sunday night, Thanksgiving vacation isn’t technically over yet. So I probably should post something related to the celebration….about our first Thanksgiving dinner (hosting), our first turkey, etc…but it has been a LONG weekend and I’m pretty tired. I’d much rather soak in a warm bath and call it a day.

So instead, I’m sharing a post that I had written last November around the time of Thanksgiving. I can’t remember why I didn’t publish it or if I had planned to add anything else.

I guess when I wrote it I was feeling thankful for our comprehensive medical benefits. Charlie has since moved to a new company but we’re fortunate enough to have a similar kind of coverage. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how blessed we are but I’m reminded today by this old blog entry that we have a lot to be thankful for.


Our insurance has a somewhat user-friendly website that provides searchable information on individual medical claims.

Just out of curiosity, I looked up how much it would have cost us to pay for the pregnancy and labor on our own and the numbers I found were so astounding that I just had to post about them here.

My hospital charges for a non-emergency, unplanned c-section –> $34,490

Noah’s hospital charges (4 days in the NICU) –> $35,587

Some friends who are in-between jobs were considering paying out of pocket rather than purchase insurance in case they get pregnancy. In the end they decided against it (not the pregnancy but to get insured), at the advice of another friend. Thank God!

For anyone who is thinking about starting a family, please check your insurance policy to make sure that you’re fully covered. Otherwise, you might be in for some nasty shock.


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