A life unexamined…

I haven’t been blogging lately for various reasons – some old friends of ours are going through a divorce and the news is preoccupying my thoughts; I’ve been busy on the weekends and am generally recouping on the weekdays…and Noah’s been more active…etc.

But I do miss being able to keep account of our days so hopefully I will establish a blogging routine soon.

Until then here’s an entry from my Noah Diary for this week.


We finally figured out why Noah has been fussy for the past three days. He came down with a cold yesterday evening and had a runny nose all day. No wonder the poor kid was whiny and needed to be held all yesterday. Considering that this is his first cold and how miserable he must be feeling, Noah is actually being a trooper for not being more needy, unlike someone else in the house *cough cough*

Still, Noah’s cold is taking a toll on me. Because he either whines or howls when put down, I had to carry him most of the time and even using both the Hotsling and Baby Bjorn didn’t help much. By the end of the day I was exhausted and my back ached.

Instead of staying asleep once his nighttime sleep started, Noah woke up once every 30 or 45 minutes and needed a lot of comforting before falling back asleep. Doing this 3 – 4 times quickly took up all of the downtime that Charlie and I usually had to relax and recharge before bed.

On Sunday night when Noah woke hourly from 3 – 7 AM I thought it was because he was over- stimulated from the weekend’s activities (friends’ wedding and banquet on Saturday, large family dinner on Sunday) but when he continued to do this on both Monday and Tuesday night, I knew we were in trouble.

By Wednesday (today) I was pretty worn down and tired. Fortunately, this morning Charlie had the foresight to stay home and telecommute so I got a much needed one-hour nap in the afternoon even though I could hear Noah’s whining and crying halfway through my sleep.

Again, we can’t complain because as difficult as runny and stuffed noses are we didn’t have to deal with any fevers or throwing up. And even though it tiring to have to soothe Noah back to sleep every hour, that’s nothing compared to having to hold him all night.

As for Noah, well, other than having some unsavory slime drip out of his nose all day, he had to watch Baby Mozart 3 times (1.5 times each in the morning and afternoon while I was sleeping). I felt bad about putting the DVD on ‘Repeat Play’ but I guess this is what kids do when they get sick – stay home and watch a lot of TV.


2 Replies to “A life unexamined…”

  1. Ramona,

    Thanks for your concern and well-wish. Noah’s nose is still runny and stuffed up this week but he seems to be pretty happy otherwise. I’m hoping that he will get over it soon. How long did it take Sean to recover from his cold?

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