My contribution to the slowing economy

Ever since I read melon’s post about useful bags for packing for traveling with babies, I’ve been obsessed with hunting down some LeSportsac bags.

I tried searching through Amazon and Ebay first, dutifully waiting for good deals to show up. But after waiting a long time (a few months? anyway, at least one season), I gave up and decided that I will just have to bite the bullet and pay full-price for one. But God must not have wanted me to waste Charlie’s hard-earned money this way because somehow I ended up finding just the bags I’ve been looking for at a substantial discount at Bloomingdale’s!

Two weekends ago when I was at the Stanford Shopping Center returning some items to JCrew (these days I spend almost all of my time “off” returning stuff…but more on that later) I decided to stop by the department store to check out the bags. At Macy’s there were a few discounted bags but they were mostly of very ugly patterns, in plain colors (no pattern at all), or in styles not useful for my purpose. Then on a whim, I stepped into Bloomingdale’s, which has always seemed too high-end for my budget.

As you can guess by the title of this post, my long search ended that day.

Not only did they have a much larger and prettier selection of LeSportsac bags but there was also a 30% discount off the already discounted price. So the travel tote I bought went from $68 (regular price) to $50.99 (25% off) to $35.69 (additional 30% off), with a total discount of 47.5%, a much better deal than any I had seen online, even for used bags.

My new travel tote

Still, I stood there in front of the display for a while trying on different bags and deciding which bag provided the best bang for my bucks (aren’t you proud of me, Charlie?!)

Even though I had paid $4 in toll to cross the bridge to get to the store, I was still very happy with the excellent deal…until a week later.

This time we were on our first family outing in San Francisco. I decided to stop by Bloomingdale’s again because I wanted to get a matching weekender bag (by now, I was convinced that I’d want more than one since the bags were so light. Even Charlie gave me permission to buy another one because he said that the weight is my chief complaint about any bags).

And to my surprise, the sale is even better this time – 40% off all reduced priced bags!

Even though they didn’t have the weekender bag at the San Francisco location, there were 4 left in Palo Alto. Since we were already on our way home, we decided to stop by and pick up the bag right away (also to avoid another trip and another $4 toll). Luckily, I happened to have the receipt for the first bag so I was able to get a price adjustment (within 10 days) at the same time.

So in the end, I got two LeSportsac bags for $74.39 (not including tax) at a 55% discount from the regular price. A pretty good deal for any store, no? Besides the great prices the return policy is also generous (180 days) and the service was very professional.

Seeing the big smile on my face, Charlie wisely points out, “You know that this means that you’ve upgraded to shopping at Bloomingdale’s don’t you?”

Yup, that’s right, call me a big spender but I’ll be taking my two-buck chuck budget to Bloomingdale’s from now on…


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