Happy New Year!

Only two months old but already the center of our universe. I wonder what Noah’s first word(s) will be?

Wishing everyone lots of exciting discoveries in the new year as well~

Narration: Hello grandma and grandpa. Have you eaten? (This is one of the typical Taiwanese greetings…I guess it’s from the days when food wasn’t as plentiful and having food to eat was a sign of well-being.)


2 Replies to “Happy New Year!”

  1. I think that his first word will be “Illini”.

    I go back and forth between whether or not I think he looks more like Mom or Dad but he most definitely has Dad’s hair.

  2. Crystal

    Even Mommy had trouble pronouncing “Illini” correctly before moving out to the U of I so I doubt Noah will be able to say it anytime soon.

    And Daddy is happy about all the compliments Noah gets for his hair!

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