Point of no return

Baby Blues

It’s been a while since I last posted which means that my offline life has been hectic. A lot has happened since Thanksgiving – when I got out of my postnatal “confinement” period and Noah was given the okay to be introduced to the world (and exposed to everyone’s germs.)

When I get around to it, I’ll post about my labor, the postnatal meal service, and reviews of some products that we’re using (for the things that I couldn’t find much info online).

But for today, let me just post a “top ten” list as a response to our friend who commented the other day that even though we’re now parents “it seems as if nothing has changed…”

Signs that things have changed and I’m now a mother…

  1. I feel “happy” when I wake up and find out that I’ve just had three LONG hours of sleep.
  2. I do almost all of my shopping online. For whatever reason, Noah gets hysterical whenever he’s strapped into his car seat. If Ranch 99 or Marina Supermarket starts providing delivery service then I never have to leave the house.
  3. When I shop for shoes I consider how comfortable it would be to be on my feet in it for a prolonged period of time (while rocking Noah) and how stable/safe it would be so that I don’t slip, fall, and risk injury to Noah.
  4. Similarly, when I shop for clothes I consider how easy it would be to access my breasts for nursing and how soft it would feel for when Noah rubs his face all over it (when he’s tired and sleepy.)
  5. I’ve stopped separating laundry into colors and whites for washing. It takes too long to wait for a full load of Noah’s whites or colors to accumulate and we need that swaddle/burp cloth or warm outfit NOW!
  6. I’ve started eating more “bland” food (i.e. giving up on onions, limiting garlic, passing on freshly ground black pepper…basically, almost no Korean and Thai food *sigh*) for fear of causing Noah gas/abdominal pain. This is particularly remarkable considering that I didn’t even give up flavorful food during pregnancy (and ended up in the ER one night due to some very spicy and gas inducing Korean food).
  7. I have a cheer for when Noah passes gas or poops. I am trying to learn the Onara Taiso (fart exercise) song from Nodame Cantabile. Any one knows of any other “bodily function” songs?

Signs that Charlie is now a father…

  1. He refers to us as Mommy and Daddy
  2. His bed time reading is the Baby Blues books. He tried reading them when I was pregnant but back then all he did was moan about how they were “scary” and depressing. Now he reads a few pages almost every night and even points out his “favorite” strips to me.
  3. He feels “lonely” and “misses his family” whenever he’s in a room by himself (at home).

It’s only been 7 weeks but life as we know it has been changed forever…for the BETTER, of course.

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4 Replies to “Point of no return”

  1. Yes, yes, I know body function songs! Check out the Japanese kids TV shows Inai Inai Baa! and Okaasan to Issho for excellent potty training cartoons and such. I sang “un, un, un chi chi, un un un chi chiii! Toire ni ittoire” to my son for at least a year… 🙂 The Japanese video rental stores in Japantown (the one across from Denny’s, and the one below Kinokuniya) both have them, I think, as does Japan TV (paid cable station, expensive so we just got it for a couple of months, Tivo’ed the kids shows, and burned them to DVD).

  2. Biggie,

    Thanks for the suggestions about the TV shows and the idea to rent them from video stores. I am in the East Bay so the SF places aren’t easily accessible to me but I can try the shops near the San Jose Mitsuwa.

    I was toying with the idea of getting TV Japan too but I guess you don’t recommend it?

    By the way, I love your blog; Noah is too young to eat solid food yet but hopefully he will grow up to like food so I can prepare him cool bentos!

  3. Oh, don’t get me wrong — TV Japan was great, just too pricey for me to be happy about (like $20 or $25 a month for the one channel). I could justify it if I looked at it as a one- or two-month deal in order to record lots of DVDs, though. Lots of my Japanese friends do pay to get it, though. I think of it like Wowow back in the day in Japan — the only English movie satellite channel around, so worth it to an expat looking for a native-language fix. If I were weren’t so cheap I’d get it regularly…

  4. Biggie:

    Since we don’t go out anymore it might be worth paying $25/month for TV Japan (especially since Japanese resources aren’t as accessible near me) but I’ll probably wait until I actually have time for TV!

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