Surviving on naps

Noah first week


“We’re still alive.”

That’s what Charlie said to me this morning when he woke up, which basically sums up how we’ve been feeling each day since Noah arrived.

Last night was particularly bad because he woke up about once every hour during the first fussy shift (which is usually from 9 PM to 1 or 2 AM) and then proceeded to stay up during his entire second fussy shift (3 AM to 6 or 7 AM). Last night’s long battle started around 10 PM. After feeding him two times from the breast and two times from the bottle and changing his diapers three times, Noah finally settled down at 6:30 AM. The next thing we know, it’s 10 AM – and we all got about 3 hours of sleep.

Still, we are thankful. Our friends, A & W, who had their baby girl at the same hospital the day after, are on a 1.5 to 2 hour feeding schedule. On a normal day, Noah has at least 1 – 2 three hour feed/sleep shifts during the day. And considering that he got circumcised yesterday, it’s amazing that he didn’t fuss more.

Since I was sleeping around 9 hours a night towards the end of the pregnancy, I was somewhat anxious about whether I’d be able to (and willing) make the sacrifice to take care of Noah especially since I usually need at least 30 minutes to fall into deep sleep and hate being woken up before I’ve had full rest. But incredibly, we are doing just that, adapting ourselves to meet Noah needs.

People told us that this would happen but I was skeptical at first. Unlike many of our friends, neither of us liked babies but we naturally adore Noah – we even find his angry face (while straining to poo) cute. Of course, it’s harder to appreciate him at 6 AM in the morning but we still do.

It’s only been two weeks so we have no idea where this road will take us but so far we seem to be doing alright as parents; at Noah’s two-week check-up the doctor said that he’s making good progress (weight went from 8 lb 1 oz to 8 lb 8 oz).

For now, we are just thankful to survive each night. So please, continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers – we really appreciate it. Thanks.




4 Replies to “Surviving on naps”

  1. Mary:

    Thanks for your prayers! Noah is going through a growth spurt right now so it’s even more challenging but every once in a while we get a “break” and we know it’s because we’re being prayed for!

  2. Cute baby! You will survive 🙂 two kids later it is easier for me to say though I am still remember those nights…What I wished anybody told me – don’t be afraid to do something wrong, just bundle with the kid and do whatever he does. Sleep when he sleeps, its so useful thing, my life became so much easier when I let myself sleep during my kids naps and nights, too. And never, ever woke the kid, especially during first three months. If he is healthy, gaining weight more or less, he should sleep as long as he want to. First months are crucial in establishing routines and future habits. Everybody is adjusting to a new life and newborn is adjusting as well. Make transition from warm, quiet womb to that bright, noisy world smooth. And they have to learn to fall asleep when so many things are not the same as before. My first, DD, was waken by me every three hours, were poor eater, and she had problems with her sleep until 2 years old. My second, DS, was allowed to sleep as much as he can. Had never, ever waken him, even if six hours in afternoon. By five months he was sleeping through the night straight 6 hours and by year was sleeping like angel, 10-12 hours at night, and had nap of 3-4 hours during the day.
    I can recommend to find:
    Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth and
    The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers: Gentle Ways to Stop Bedtime Battles and Improve Your Childs Sleep by Elizabeth Pantley
    We used combination since we didn’t want to use cry-out solution.

  3. Aga:

    Thanks for the encouragement and book recommendations. It’s good to know that all this will pass someday =) We were having trouble with letting Noah sleep/wake up naturally when he was in the NICU but now that we’re home, we try to let him be. My only concern is when he sometimes sleep over 4 hours (very rarely but happens once in a while) and then I worry about SID =)

    I guess the hardest part is waiting for him to establish some kind of a routine – but that will come in time, right? I hope that Noah will be able to sleep as well as your DS. Thanks for the book titles, I will certainly look them up!

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