Last update – thankful Thursday

It’s 10 PM and we just got back from the first induction procedure (prostin gel application) and check-up. Noah is doing fine and I’ve been having pretty close contractions (some just six minutes apart) but there’s been no progress with the dilation. So after two hours of monitoring, they sent us home.

The next step is to call in tomorrow morning around 7:30 to see when we can go in for the next procedure – pictocin injection. But since we left the hospital, I’ve been having semi-regular contractions, almost five minutes apart so if this continues, we might be back in the hospital late tonight or early tomorrow. Either way, I probably won’t have time to update this blog once the action starts so let me just leave with a list of things I’m thankful for

  • First, I’m most thankful for my hubby and better half, Charlie. He has been really patient and gracious throughout the whole pregnancy, helping with housework and telling me how “cute” I am in my “new” body.
  • Second, I am thankful for my family and the opportunity to move back to the Bay Area to be near them last summer. I feel especially blessed to be able to have my sister close by so that she could be in the room when I go into labor. I was there for the birth of her first child and I’m so glad that she will be able to share in my first experience as well.
  • We are thankful that God provided a great job and work team for Charlie. The understanding and cooperation of his manager and coworkers made it possible for him to go to every check-up with me during the past nine months and to work from home during this critical week.
  • Additionally, it has been great to be able to take a break from working; being free from a tight work schedule and stress has made it easier to focus on taking care of myself and our growing baby. Except for some back aches and leg swelling towards the end of the pregnancy, I haven’t had much other discomfort and I know it’s because of the extra rest and peace that I am able to enjoy.
  • Lastly, we’re thankful for the support of our friends near and far. We feel really blessed by the advice you’ve given us, the resources (books, maternity clothes, baby gear, toys – almost anything we can think of) you’ve generously shared, and most importantly, all the prayers that have been said for us. Noah is blessed to be born into this large extended “family” and we can’t wait to introduce him to all of you!

Again, thanks for keeping up with our journey and for your thoughts and prayers throughout. Hopefully I will be back soon with some REAL news and maybe a photo of two of Noah.

For now here are some photos of Charlie and I as babies. It will be interesting to see who Noah looks like…Can you tell who’s who?



2 Replies to “Last update – thankful Thursday”

  1. even if you both were wearing gender neutral outfits (i think i would be able to tell). the baby on the right totally looks like charlie. πŸ™‚ i think your baby picture looks like you, but not quite as much as charlie! πŸ™‚

    now, if i tried to do the same thing with our baby pics, it’ll be too easy to pick out who is who! πŸ™‚

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