Update – good things come to those who wait

It’s now Wednesday morning and still no sign of Noah.

The bags are in the car, my belly’s dropped, and I saw a bit of “show” on Sunday night but nope, he’s choosing to stay inside.

I don’t blame Noah since daddy has been telling him about how there wouldn’t be 24-7 “room service” once he comes out. Besides, the weather has transitioned into Fall, making it perfect for hibernation – even I want to just cuddle up and sleep.

But I have been walking, or at least trying to. Some mornings, I wake up pretty genki so I would suggest ambitious locations for these walks (i.e. IKEA, Coyote Hills Regional Park, etc.) but by the afternoon, my legs would be swollen and heavy, making it tiring to walk too long. So usually after a feeble attempt (about 10 min) around the block, we’d come back and I’d take a nap for a few hours, then it would be dinner time.

Charlie, on the other hand, has been pretty productive. In addition to checking in with his office and doing work as needed, he has also tidied up the garage (we’ve been using one parking spot for storing boxes), cleaned the storm gutters around the roof, and made fresh apple cider and pumpkin pie. Yup, pumpkin pie.

I don’t know what it is – maybe it’s a throw back to our days in Champaign when we’d have a lot of quiet days at home on the weekends but I’ve been in a homecooking mood recently. In the past week, we’ve tackled Taiwanese “meat buns” (肉圓), almond tea (杏仁茶), Little Sheep (小肥羊) hotpot, fried steamed bun (炸銀絲卷), among other things that we’ve made before. This morning, when I started looking up recipes for steamed bun (饅頭) and hot grass jelly drink (燒仙草), Charlie finally asked, “Are you okay?”

I guess this is my way of “nesting” or confronting my restlessness. Even though there are other things I could be doing – walking more, finishing the baby shower Thank You cards, tidying up the house, etc. – I find comfort in the kitchen.

But tomorrow is the day that we’re scheduled to go in the hospital to begin the induction process. And according to our friend R, the first procedure (applying gel) was enough to get her labor going. Who knows? I may even go into labor this afternoon. So I am going to make better use of the time we have remaining – make a few phone calls to friends who have inquired about Noah’s status, finish those Thank You cards, and take a lengthier walk now that the rain has let up. Of course, all this will be easier to do after a nice cup of hot grass jelly…


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