Update – the wait is almost over?

If you are reading this just for an update or if you’re a male friend who would rather not know any details about my physical condition or any medical procedures for fear of BMP, the answer is NO, Noah hasn’t come out yet. Now you can skip to the bottom for an update on our experience with the Roomba 550.


For the rest of you:

We had our “last” OB check-up yesterday and have some good and bad news from the doctor.

The “bad” news is that I have barely made any progress and went from none to only 1 cm dilation.The good news is that we now have some “dates” to put down in our calendar.

If Noah doesn’t come out on his own this weekend, we will report to the hospital on Thursday afternoon (Oct 18) where I will be administered some prostin gel, which is suppose to help soften the cervix. Since I’ve already had some contractions the doctor thinks that this is all the help I will need to make more progress but in case it doesn’t (which we will probably know after 6 hours), then we are to return to the hospital again the next afternoon (Friday, Oct. 19) for the next “intervention” – getting some pitocin through an IV. Judging from the info from the childbirth.org website, we probably don’t want to get to the point where pitocin will be needed but if our doctor feels that it’s safe then we trust her recommendation. Either way, Noah should be out with us by Oct. 20 at the latest (we hope!) but we really don’t think he will wait that long because after returning from the doctor’s office, I started experiencing contractions at more regular intervals, at the pace of of about 1 every 1 – 1.5 hours with some breaks in between (mainly during my sleep).

This morning, they were happening even more frequently, around once every half hour. But since the intensity and frequency of the contractions hasn’t gotten stronger, we doubt that he will come tonight (unless tonight’s spicy Korean dinner performs some magic), which is just as well since our OB won’t be available this weekend.

If Noah does come out early next week on Monday or Tuesday, but not on Wednesday, and before the induction procedures, then I think that it is quite possible that he’s going to be one “obedient” child. How else can you explain why he has waited until mommy and daddy are “ready” (Charlie started working from home on Thursday) and when the doctor is available (she’s out this weekend and Wednesdays) to help with the delivery? (^_^)

Maybe I’m reading too much into this?

Anyway, it’s been fun to speculate when Noah might show his face and to anticipate his arrival. Since it looks like we might have at least another day, there’s still time to be added to the “email announcement” list; just let us know if you are interested.


Roomba 550 review/update

After using the Roomba every day for about 1.5 weeks, we’re pretty sure that we made the right decision to splurge on this purchase. Now I don’t have to feel guilty for not vacuuming and Charlie doesn’t have to do extra housework when he comes home. That said, here are a few caveats for anyone who’s considering buying one.

  • If you have a problem with pet hair, don’t expect to see a major difference (reduction) after only a few runs. Polly sheds these longish hairs (about 2 – 3 cm) that are hard to pick up on some rugs and the Roomba left quite a bit of them untouched during the first few days. So unlike a traditional vacuum that can be controlled by you, it doesn’t pay special attention to pet hairs. In fact, I suspect that its sensors are more sensitive to “dirt” rather than pet hair because I’ve seen it go over some spots that seems “clean” to the naked eye several times while skipping over carpeted areas that are obviously covered with hair. I’m happy to say, however, that after running it consistently every day, our place is more clean from BOTH hair and dirt. So you just have to trust the machine to do its job and not fret while it figures things out.
  • Learn to rearrange your furniture or belongings to make the floors more accessible to the Roomba or be prepared to move things daily in order to clear its path. For example, the opening beneath our dining chairs aren’t wide enough for the Roomba to pass through so if I don’t move them to another room, then the Roomba won’t be able to clean under the dining table. I suggest that before setting it loose, pick up all objects on the floor and put them away unless you 1) don’t mind having the Roomba bump into it 2) want the Roomba to skip the area where the object is sitting. Basically, this means that even though you don’t have to do the hard work of vacuuming, you still have to do the prep work involved.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, if you’re like us and most households with a lot of electronic gadgets, then there are probably a multitude of loose cables and cords on your floors. Be careful to keep them out of reach (secure them to higher elevations or gather them near walls) because the Roomba will either bump into them and retreat or worse, spin around some and get tangled. The other day, I rescued the Roomba from what looked like 1 – 2 rounds of small internet cables. I guess when the cable is short and thick, the Roomba will get able to spin itself out but when they are thin and long, then it’s possible for one of the wheels or in our case, the “probe” brush, to wind itself around and get tangled. This is probably not a big problem except that I had noticed the entanglement too late and one of the plastic/rubber wands of the probe had broken off as a result. Even though Charlie said that it won’t affect the performance of the Roomba, I made him exchange it for a new one any way – who wants a “crippled” Roomba after only 2 weeks of use, right?
  • And since we bought the machine at Costco, which has a great return policy for both online and B&M purchases, they took it back without any questions (the clerk merely opened the box and looked at it for 2 seconds before processing the return). Then we picked up a new one on the same night. So the bottom line is, buy one at a store with a great return policy.

Okay, I hope this helps! Enjoy!


One Reply to “Update – the wait is almost over?”

  1. for me, all i needed was that gel, and it got me going. 🙂 of course, the dr. said the purpose of the gel isn’t to kick start labor, but he said for some women, the cervix just needs a little “help” to get it going. i didn’t think it was going to work when he administered it at 11AM, but by 4:50PM that afternoon, i started having contractions. 😉

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