Japanese art/design sensibility

I haven’t visited cafeglobe, one of my favorite women’s lifestyle websites in a while so I stopped by today.

It looks like they’ve added a few new columns and sections, including one called 大人のインテリア一考, which can be translated loosely as “a [brief] thought about Adult Interior [design]” written by the editor of an interior design magazine called Oneself. I haven’t looked too much into this magazine or the column yet but noticed one of the posts immediately – the one where he introduces a unique Japanese company called Carre Moji whose main concept is to incorporate traditional Japanese calligraphy into modern interior design.

The Oneself website post includes several photos of examples of Carre Moji’s work in different interior settings, including this one:

Carre Moji hana

The official Carre Moji site contains even more eye candy; products include prints of various sizes and for a variety of uses. Apparently, they take custom orders, even for English characters. However, prices aren’t cheap. A “modest” single character one for a baby/birthday gift starts around 10,000 yen.

I wonder how long it would take for me to write a few of my own for Noah’s room? Do you think he will be able to read this one? Can you read what it says?

Carre Moji English

[Photo credit: Oneself, Carre Moji websites]


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