Update – still here, working on that “nesting instinct”

Sorry for the delayed update. Thanks to everyone who called to check on Noah’s status. He hasn’t shown his face yet; I just haven’t had time to post anything this weekend. I will try to post more often this week. Please keep checking back or let us know if you would like to be on the group email list to be notified as soon there big news “breaks.”

In any case, here’s a quick UPDATE FROM LAST WEEK’S VISIT TO THE OB:

For two weeks now, the doctor has checked my cervix for progress but both times, there has been no significant changes. So we’re going from wondering if Noah will come early to worrying that he might stay inside too long. Still, I have this week to take more walks and do some prenatal yoga. But if Noah doesn’t come by Wed. (which we hope he won’t because that’s the OB’s day off!) then we will set a tentative date for the following week to “coax” Noah out into this world. So practically speaking, Noah will join us one way or another by Oct 20th (?)

And for those who are wondering – the doctor thinks my belly and Noah are developing normally so no, we’re not expecting a Russian size baby.


A few people have asked whether I’m feeling the NESTING INSTINCT. This is a hard question to answer because being a homemaker, it’s my daily duty to “nest” so I’m sure if things are going to be any different due to Noah’s arrival. I’ve read about other women’s sudden urge to scrub floors or to work on backyard landscaping but seeing how both activities would be extremely uncomfortable in my current state, I seriously doubt that I will wake up one day dying to anything of the sort.

On the other hand, we did buy a Roomba 550 last week (a Costco model – for a brief overview of other models, click here) to address the Polly fur “tumbleweed” problem we’ve had since moving to this new place. Charlie had suggested this a while ago but I didn’t consider it until I saw a recommendation in a Japanese magazine. Maybe it’s the nesting instinct kicking in but basically you can sell me anything if it has endorsement by anyone in the country known for domestic gadgets. [By the way, thanks C and R&N for the housewarming gift certificate; I hope that you like what we did with it!]

Rooma 570

[Photo: Roomba 570 from Roomba Review]

The only other notable happening this weekend was that Charlie packed his “hospital bag.” For some reason, I was feeling really tired and uncomfortable on Sunday so Charlie took it as a sign that Noah might come out soon because some books mention flu-like symptoms or unusual fatigue as indicators of coming labor. So last night Charlie frantically stuffed his overnight bag, gathered all medical documents, and reviewed the “TO DO” list I’ve been compiling for him.

This doesn’t mean that we’re now ready for Noah but when he does decide to show up, everyone will have a fresh set of clothes and the floors will be taken care of while we’re busy getting acquainted.


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