Update – visiting the OB for a check-up today

It’s T minus 8 days but compared to last week, I’m feeling less anxious and more genki except for some cramping sensations (but can’t tell if they’re the “real” ones or the Braxton type) throughout the last few days.

Maybe it’s because I’m not dutifully taking those recommended “neighborhood” walks but not much else seem to be happening. (Charlie and I think walks around Costco counts as exercise, dont’ you?) Noah turned his head about a month ago so we know that he’s getting ready; perhaps he’s just waiting until we tell him that the “coast is clear” because we’ve been asking for more time to prepare.


In any case, we will be visiting the OB this afternoon so I will post an update here (probably tomorrow) if she has new news for us.

Thanks for waiting with us!



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