First big ticket item for Noah

Some parents have great aspirations for their children. Charlie and I only want Noah to be “ordinary”…and a good eater…(in addition to the characteristics that are associated with his name, of course, but more on this later.)

I say “ordinary” because neither one of us are remarkable in any way and we don’t expect our child to succeed beyond what we’ve achieved. If he happens to end up like Yo Yo Ma, I.M. Pei, or Ang Lee (yes, we’re fond of artists) then all the better. But we know what genes he’s inherited so we’re going to be realistic.

One thing we hope for Noah is that he will grow up to enjoy food. Even though Charlie and I wouldn’t turn down opportunities to eat at posh places, honestly, our favorite/best food experiences have been in mostly humbler settings and with simple foods. It’s amazing how God created this world with so much to explore when He could have just made us eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches everyday (no offense to anyone who loves the stuff). And although neither one of us had interest in “farming” growing up, increasingly, we’re thinking about growing our own produce and fruits so that we can better enjoy God’s wonderful creations. (In fact, Charlie believes in planting only things that can be eaten.) So I guess it’s fitting that our first big ticket item for Noah is a high chair which he can use to eat at the table until adulthood.

I first learned about Stokke’s Tripp Trapp through melonfish‘s blog (sorry, it’s in Chinese only) and got interested because unlike other high chairs, Tripp Trapp can be adjusted with age and allows the child to sit at the table with the adults. Also, it was highly amusing to read about the process she went through to get their chair and how her husband supposedly said “Daughter, this is going to be your chair for life” when he presented it to her. The idea of having Noah sit with us during meals appealed to me so much that I started thinking about getting one for him but at the price of $199 for the chair alone, it seemed too extravagant a purchase, especially since we have yet to buy him anything expensive at that point.

Then one day, I saw a post on craigslist for a brand new chair with the Art Stripes cushion for $185, which would normally cost about $240 plus tax and s/h. It turns out that the seller had two and wanted to sell the one in storage because of an upcoming job relocation. So Charlie and I promptly picked up the chair and now Noah has a seat waiting for him at the table. Of course, he might turn out to be a poor eater…or simply enjoy his food differently from us.

Tripp trapp chair Art stripes cushion

(Images from Amazon)

No matter. My hope is that Noah will grow up to enjoy God’s creations, be it food or something else, in some other way.

But if that happens, we’ll probably just pass on his Tripp Trapp to the next interested sibling q(^^)p


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