Turning a new corner

Today, in order to make space on my memory stick for photos of baby gifts (I figured, a picture is worth a thousand words), I finally deleted all of the image files (some 100+) that have been stored on the camera, many from our trip to Tokyo last Thanksgiving.

Most people probably delete files from their memory stick as soon as the photos are downloaded but I tend to keep them on mine because I like being able to browse through them from time to time, using the camera as a portable photo album. It feels like just yesterday that we were trekking through Tokyo wishing that we could transplant to Asia someday. Since then, our lives have totally changed as we now eagerly anticipate Noah, who wasn’t even in existence at that point.

Lately, every time Charlie and I do something, be it slow dancing at a friend’s wedding reception or enjoying a leisurely walk with Polly in the neighborhood, I tell myself, “Next time we do this, it will be with Noah…” As we get closer to the point of “no return,” I prepare myself a little emotionally each day to turn that corner in my life and our relationship.

Looking at these photos, it’s not easy to say goodbye to days of carefree travel and living. I am thankful for the years we’ve had to fully enjoy Singlehood and now, Couplehood. Judging from how God has guided us through those two life stages, I have no doubt that Parenthood will be just as, if not more, wonderful, even with all of the anxieties and struggles.

I hope that all of our friends and family who are reading this are enjoying your current stage of life…

And Happy Birthday to C, congratulations on moving on to the next “hood.”


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