Who gets to stay at home?

Charlie has always said that he would love to be a house husband; too bad for him I am not in any kind of profession that would allow him to be the “kept man.” But to be fair, he is pretty good with most house work and even better than me at some things like cleaning the kitchen (he washes the sink afterwards, which I hate to do), for which I am truly thankful, especially now that I need to stay off my feet more often at the end of my pregnancy.

That said, there is one thing I am sure that I do better than him – hanging laundry. Maybe it’s the Asian f.o.b. upbringing in me (vs Charlie who’s American raised and have used a dryer for most of his life) but apparently not everyone, even a housework savvy person like Charlie, knows how to properly air dry clothes.

Our dryer won’t be delivered until next week so Charlie volunteered to do his own 3 loads of laundry (yes, you read that right – the man goes through a lot of clothes) this week because I was complaining about how taxing it was to clean his clothes due to the extra time needed to dry the heavy cotton t-shirts. And this is what I found the other day:

Pruny t-shirt

No, this is not just a random shirt that happened to be hung this way. The entire load of t-shirts pretty much look the same. Unfortunately, I didn’t see everything until it was too late and the shirts had already dried this way…

So I guess I’d better be the homemaker until he learns how to do laundry correctly huh? =)

Charlie, if you’re reading this, I just want to say that I really do appreciate all the housework you do – both before and during my pregnancy. And as soon as I find that ONE job that will pay enough to keep you at home…the laundry is all yours!


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