Boys will be boys and dogs will be dogs…

Yesterday at the annual church outdoor worship service/BBQ, I got into a conversation with two older parents (one has teenage boys, the other has adult daughters) about children. [Now that I’m as big as a whale, people are constantly stopping to ask when I’m due and to give me parenting advice, even people I’ve never talk to previously.] And some how we got into talking about misbehaving children and how they can make you so mad during their rebellious stage.

I told them how even though Noah hasn’t come out yet, I’m already planning to let Charlie “handle” him when he hits the adventurous stage because knowing myself, I am likely to want to tie Noah to myself and not allow him the freedom to do what boys do, which can often (in my opinion) be dangerous. Even though I know that boys often learn from rough play, it will be hard for me to “consent” to letting Noah get hurt. So hopefully Charlie, who’s got a better understanding of boys, will be the one to watch Noah closely when Noah reaches that age (be it two or 18) where he needs to be let free to explore the world in his own way.

Anyway, like what I previously posted, I think God is preparing me to be be a mommy for boys because Polly has been getting into her own share of “trouble” lately. For instance, this is sometimes how she comes back from exploring the backyard.

Oh well, what can I say? Boys will be boys and dogs will be dogs…?

Polly being a doggie

Polly being a doggie


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