Does any baby really need this?

Ever since I scored a Baby Kaed Sanya Diaper Bag in the Amazon Baby Outlet at a great discount (I got it for $23.65 shipped and the price is now $95), I’ve been browsing the section every other day, hoping to find another good buy.

Baby Kaed Sanya Diaper Bag

Most of the time though, there is nothing really interesting or useful among the 400+ items listed (there are actually more available but I only check out things offered through Amazon because we have the Amazon Prime Two-day free shipping subscription – I highly recommend getting the subscription, it makes shopping very fun and convenient.) Take this hat, for instance:

Faux Fur Hat

Does anyone really need one of these? I’m sure the designer/manufacturer had good style in mind…but really? I just can’t imagine what kind of mom would dress their infant in this, especially in the way they show it, naked from the neck down. Maybe it’s one of those cutesy things that grandparents love. Still, I don’t know.

I just hope for Noah’s sake that we won’t ever want to put one of these on him and that his grandparents will have better taste than to give him one as a gift because then, he will have to wear it at least once – when they come visit.

Update: I guess I posted too soon.  Showed Charlie this entry and the photo of the hat and his comment was, “That’s kind of cute.  Why not? Babies look cute in anything…” I  guess we’re going to have to talk about Noah’s  wardrobe someday.


One Reply to “Does any baby really need this?”

  1. Received the diaper bag today. It’s not as nice as I had hoped but it’s not bad. Maybe it’s just that I’m not used to diaper bags and their size. Despite the more trendy style, it still looks like a diaper bag to me. Good thing I didn’t pay full price. For $95, I’d expect it to be leather and come in a nice cloth bag, which was included but not a part of the wrapping.

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