Do something nice for your mommy (to-be) friends

We’re still dealing with the aftermath of our move into the new home so I haven’t had any time to blog (not that any one’s reading anyway…) but I wanted to make a note about something that was recently on my mind. Maybe if there’s time after all the unpacking, I will come back to write more in detail…

Many of my close friends aren’t married or have children so my sources of information and advice have been mostly from my sister or our friend E. Each week, they check in with me to see how I’m feeling/doing and one thing that I’ve noticed that they do (well, two things actually) is that they always ask how “I” am feeling. I guess being Moms themselves (my sister has 3 kids and E has 2), they know how easily mommies get neglected when all the attention is on the children. So it seems that they take extra care to ask about me (of course, they also ask about the baby).

Another thing that they do, which is somewhat related to being mindful to my well-being, is expressing encouragements or compliments about my appearance. No matter how sensitive and loving our husbands are, sometimes it’s nice to hear that we look “pretty” or “cute” from someone else, especially on days when we make more effort. I told E that Sunday is my only “make-up” day and she nodded in understanding…and assured me that I looked “good.” Even if she was just being nice, I felt cheery hearing her comment.

So yeah, these are some of the gestures I want to be mindful to do for my pregnant friends in the future – remember to ask about their well-being (especially about things they used to enjoy prior to becoming pregnant) and to affirm their efforts to dress up and look nice. Worked for me!

Me in my “sexy’ dress


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