A typical day of cooking and eating…

Charlie and I love food but we’re also lazy. Charlie might sometimes be willing to put in hours of work into one recipe (i.e. his pizza) but me, I just want to be able to eat yummy food when I want it.

So our strategy is to stock our pantry and fridge with lots of read to be made ingredients. That way, we can easily whip up something that strikes our fancy.

The only problem with cooking for two this way though is that there’s always more leftovers than we can finish…and some food we only want to eat once. So we’re constantly throwing away old foods that are perfectly fine just because on one will eat it (and we don’t feed any human food to our dog, Polly) or expired ingredients that seemed essential at the store but didn’t end up getting used.

Of course, it would help if we tend to want to eat the same foods but unfortunately, we’re both spoiled and want what we want when we want it.

So some day, I will have to figure out how to work out a system for our kitchen to function not su much like a small restaurant/cafe but more like a bed and breakfast inn that only provides an occasional meal.

Anyway, so I thought that it might be interesting to post a sample of what we typically consume in a span of 24 to 36 hours. This is from yesterday, Friday, June 29.

Breakfast – Ratatouille with Fried Egg and Hot Dog “Takos” (Octopus)

*According to Charlie, the round headed one is him and the flat headed one is me…it’s a private joke.

Lunch – Mabo Tofu and Rice (me), Charlie (company cafeteria) *Not pictured

Dinner – Yakisoba *We were supposed to have Yakiniku but I was too lazy to do all the prep

Midnight snack – Hand tossed pizza with homemade sauce

Note: this is actually one of our “easiest” food days because the Ratatouille for breakfast was made several days ago, the ingredients for the Yakisoba were leftover from our Okonomiyaki night on Monday, and the pizza sauce was made last week.

But two night before we made My Korean Kitchen’s Hoddeok (Korean Sweet Pancakes) for our midnight snack (and ended up sleeping around 2 AM!). This morning’s brunch was Chinese Pickled Cabbage Lamb Soup (in order to use up the pickled cabbage I made weeks ago).

So yes, our sink is full of dirty dishes and pots and pans…and our waistlines are increasing by the day.

But there will come a day when we won’t be able to eat whatever we want and whenever we want. So until then…


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