Fun design/interior idea site

I’m kind of slow at discovering cool things but it’s not a race and I’m just as happy to be the first or the last to find interesting ideas.

Today’s happy design find is apartmenttherapy This week’s news email from DWR mentioned that they’re running a contest for the “Smallest Coolest Apartment” in conjunction with Apartment Therapy so I followed the link to see more info and photos from the various entries.

To my delight, they have this feature called House Tours where you get to see slideshows of real people’s homes [the one linked here goes to the San Francisco collection]. Not only do you get to read tibits about the space residents – their design aim and recommendations – but also photos of all of the design elements that are mentioned. One, in particular, contained links to flickr albums that had the before/after photos of a project in Bernal Heights.

Just seeing the photos gives you a sense of what the couple had to go through to create their dream home. C and I would probably never be willing to go through all that hardwork and waiting but I can imagine what it would be like to live in such a home where every nook and cranny reminds you of the dedication and passion you put into the place.

If ever we actually find a house that we’d like to settle in for a “long” time (which would be > 10 years?) then it might be fun to take on a project like this. But then again, we’re having trouble just keeping our place neat and clean right now so maybe getting there would be a first step.

[Photo source:]


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