The fortune of losing a horse – 塞翁失馬

My recruiting contact at Google HR is supposed to be back from vacation today so I’ve been waiting for my rejection phone call all morning. While waiting, I started digging around the internet for comments from others who have been rejected by Google and came across a few interesting ones.

It appears that at least some smart and capable people have been screened out because they didn’t fair well with the Google “recruiting machine.” Even though I’m not the best in my field like those who others who have been rejected, it makes me feel better to know that I didn’t single handedly ruin my chances. Had I performed perfectly on the test last week and on all subsequent “tests,” I still might be rejected in the end for some reason.

In the first place, it wasn’t clear that they had approached me for ME. I was under the impression that they contacted me despite my mediocre application because they found something desirable in my resume but it is possible that I was contacted simply because they need to review more people.

In any case, initially, I was hopeful even for a rejection phone call but now I’m expecting at most, a rejection form email (if at all),…sometime down the road, maybe even a few months from now.

I tried to recall a time when I was rejected and how disappointed I felt at the time (fortunately, there weren’t many – I guess I have been blessed to get the jobs I really wanted and have applied only to those that I had the relevant qualifications.) Then I remembered that one semester in college when I was rejected from an IBM (? Can’t even remember now) co-op job only to land one of the ten full scholarships for the one-year study aboard program in Japan.

I’m not sure what I am suppose to learn from this experience but it helps to remember the times when I didn’t get what I wanted but came out on top anyway. Thank God He’s infinitely wiser than me.


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