We moved into a large apartment complex recently, as a part of the second phase tenants. The third phase just opened last week so new people move in almost every day.

We don’t know any of our neighbors and so far, have yet to see anyone we’ve shared an elevator with more than once.

The other night, a light came on in the apartment across our balcony and vaguely, you can see outlines of a man in a pink or reddish shirt with dark slacks. Must be new neighbors, we thought but we haven’t seen the light come on again since.

Still, we are curious about the other tenants in this building, especially when we walk past their front doors in the hallway.

Some have a lone pair of shoes. Others went through the trouble of getting welcome mats, although all of them are rather non-descript and none of them actually say “welcome.” Some don’t even look occupied except for the tentant notices that hang on the door. One has several pairs of shoes, a few dainty ladies shoes (the strappy kind) on one side and bulky, masculine shoes on the other. The most interesting one is the unit with a trash can – we’re not sure why anyone would greet their neighbors and guests this way.

So what’s in front of our door, you ask? Well, right now, nothing yet. But Charlie says he wants to get the “Beware of Dog” mat from Bed, Bath, Beyond. Or maybe just for fun, we can get the one that says “leave.” LOL


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